Workouts 2/25 – 3/2

03 Mar

Ah, the dreaded taper week before my half-marathon. I really don’t enjoy taper week for so many reasons, which can be summed up by saying it’s hard to eat the same (or a little less) and run WAY less. I know you’re supposed to feel full of energy, but I just feel so much better when I am exercising more. Anyway, it’s taper week and this race has come up very fast and as usual I don’t feel near prepared enough. My runs on Saturday and Tuesday went very well, so I feel confident that I will have a good race, but I would have liked to have run a lot more training miles before this race.

Saturday, February 25th –
Afternoon: 2 mile run
3 x 25 walking lunges
3 x 15 box jumps
3 x 20 squats
3 x 15 calf raises
3.5 mile run home
20 min stretch, foam roll and yoga

Sunday, February 26th –
30 minute round trip bike ride to church

Monday, February 27th –
AM: leg raises
alternating hip bicycles
foam roll

Tuesday, February 28th –
PM: 5.5 mile run
20 min foam roll, stretch and yoga

Wednesday, February 29th –
AM: stretching & yoga
Noon: 20 minute walk

Thursday, March 1st –
Noon: 45 minute walk

Friday, March 2nd –
Noon: 45 minute walk

Total Miles: 7.5

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