Workouts 2/4 – 2/10

24 Feb

This week has been a half-way bust for exercise. I started off good for the weekend, but then I went to the chiropractor Monday, which means no exercise for at least a day. In addition, I worked at the rodeo Wednesday night after I worked all day, which means I was being more active but it made my tired and didn’t leave much time or energy for exercise for the rest of the week. On Friday, I finally decided to get off my butt and do something at lunch, but I learned that running during the workday is just not a good option for me. My left foot fell asleep after about 25 minutes of running and I just didn’t feel good running. I was happier when I finished, which must have been a combination of sweating and sunshine.

Saturday, February 4th –
Afternoon: 7.3 mile run in 66 minutes!!! average pace of 9min/mile
15 min foam roll, stretch and yoga

Sunday, February 5th –
Afternoon: 62 minutes of workout pyramids – thanks Danica for the great routine

Monday, February 6th – REST

Tuesday, February 7th – REST

Wednesday, February 8th –
PM: 6hrs volunteering at San Antonio Rodeo (sitting/standing/walking)

Thursday, February 9th –
PM: 30 min foam roll, stretch

Friday, February 10th – REST
Noon: 5 min walk, 35 min jog, sprint, walk rotations, 20 min walk cool down

Total Miles: ~10


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