Welcome Back to the Gym

24 Feb


I have a confession to make: I have fallen off the workout wagon, almost completely. Yes, I’ve been posting workout logs, and yes, I’ve been doing a very minimal amount of running and small amounts of other physical activity, but in reality, I have fallen off the wagon. It’s really starting to take a toll on me. I just don’t feel good. I don’t have the same energy or enjoyment in eating healthy or exercising, it’s just blah to me. But that is about to change because today I had an awesome workout at the gym and I remembered why I used to go workout at lunchtime.


I had begun to think that lunchtime workouts were a pain and a complete waste of gas. Those thoughts are getting thrown in the garbage TODAY! The reality is that it does use up my gas faster but it is totally worth it because generally, I am not going to go back to the gym after I get home from work. I might do a workout at home, but usually I won’t, so consequently, my weight lifting has suffered. As a result of almost ZERO weight training for two months, my running is suffering. That is a HUGE problem! It’s become so bad that I almost don’t want to go for a run for fear of how bad the run will be. Uhg, that is just annoying. My main stress reliever has been almost completely taken away from me. Not to mention my main source of cardio being extremely diminished as well.

Thank goodness for a super windy day (not really as bad as the picture), because it forced me to go to the gym today. I have to admit, I’m getting pretty wimpy down here in South Texas. Today was a typical April or May day in Southwest Minnesota, windy and 55 or 60 degrees. But after 80 and sunny yesterday, I just couldn’t bear to be outside in the yukky weather. Plus, I also avoided all the pollen and dirt blowing around that would surely get my allergies going.

To the gym I went and quickly ran through two round of the lean arms pyramid (thank you Danica), with a few extra ab exercises thrown in. I got brave and decided to try my luck on the treadmill, even though it is usually a disaster for me. I had to start off extremely slow (5.5mph) and was able to work up to 6.0 by the end of 2 miles. And then it was time for a quick show and drive back to work. My head was clear, my body felt refreshed and I remembered why I used to enjoy my lunchtime workouts. I was almost as happy as I was in this picture:

What keeps you from sticking with a workout/weights plan? What gets you motivated for workouts?


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2 responses to “Welcome Back to the Gym

  1. Danica

    February 24, 2012 at 9:46 PM

    I absolutely go in spurts of loving/loathing working out, too. They can be so frustrating because when I’m “in one” I don’t want to workout but I get almost mad with myself for not working out…annoying cycle…As far as getting out of those ruts, for me at least, I try a few new workouts in a row or even for a week straight just to get refreshed and exposed to new things. If I get into too much of a workout routine I also tend to fall into ruts. It’s normal, but I’m happy you had a great workout today! That’s the best feeling.

  2. mark

    February 25, 2012 at 4:50 PM

    Hi Emily, running with you and Renae in Fargo in may is keeping me motivated on the treadmill. Today I made it 30 minutes for 2.5 miles. I will be ready for a10k by may 19th!


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