Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Since it is Valentine’s day, I got myself a few presents. First, I started off with a foo-foo coffee drink from Starbucks – you know, the kind that takes longer to order than for them to make. Next, I had chocolate before breakfast in the form of a Hershey kiss and a mini bag of M&M’s. During lunch, the sun was out, so I soaked up as much Vitamin D as possible. Lastly, I treated my heart to a nice 60 minute run tonight and it felt great. I finally was in the mood to go for a run and the weather warmed up to make a nice night to be out running before sunset. Surely I had to have burned off the chocolate calories I ate today, right?

I’m not really celebrating Valentine’s Day, other than eating more chocolate than one should in an average day. Basically every night until this coming Saturday has been filled with me volunteering at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, Ben having class or both of us being busy with some other social activity, so we are celebrating Valentine’s Day on Saturday. No big deal to me because now we don’t have to fight the Valentine’s crowd to go out to eat or try to cook a nice meal at home on a week night!

I’m ending my night spending sometime with Jesus, the example of true and perfect love. Yay for Pandora worship music and the Bible!

Is Valentine’s Day important to you? What is your favorite thing to do or get on Valentine’s Day?

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