Chianti to Canvas

03 Feb

Last week I had the pleasure of using a GroupPIGG (Groupon type deals only in San Antonio) to attend a painting and wine night. I had heard about these and have been wanting to start painting, so this was a perfect opportunity. The place we went to pre-chooses the pictures and then you sign up to go on whatever night you like their picture. We waited a little too long and there weren’t a whole lot of picture I liked, but luckily there was a fiesta margarita and that is what I chose because it fits in with San Antonio culture.


As always, we started out with a blank canvas. On the right you can see our guide painting. We were given light orange, dark orange, yellow, red, green, blue and white on our trays (paper plates). We had three paint brushes, large flat tipped, large rounded tip and small rounded tip. The first thing we did was mix our orange for the table. It was supposed to be light and dark orange and our tip was to dip our brush in the water to make the color last longer and cover the whole canvas.


After creating the table, we mixed red and white to create the bright pink background. We also used some of this paint to make the grain-y wood look on the table. Using the water to spread and soften the color was a great technique and helped soften the wood look.


Painting the margarita glass was the next step. We mixed green and white to create a lime green color, but mine was pretty dark lime. The instructor insured me it was fine because we would lighten it up later. I wanted to make my painting unique and not exactly like the example, so I tried to create a cool, yet traditional shape for the glass. It was a little hard to get the glass even, and I would definitely recommend going from the top down, as I made the mistake of putting the base on before the top and ended up with too-short stem.


Next stop was filling the glass. I have no skill in painting margarita in a glass, which is why mine looks more like margarita ice cream in a glass. But hey, at least its unique and who doesn’t want a heaping tall margarita in their glass?? The technique for the swirls was a little hard for me to get in the beginning because you had to place the brush on the canvas and then twist is around to make the bristles squish out. If it doesn’t make send while you’re reading this, that’s ok. I had the instructor explain it, demonstrate it, then explain it again and finally she painted on my canvas. That was hard for me, because I really didn’t want anyone but me painting on there, but it worked out ok.


And for the finishing touches. We made a very light green to highlight the glass and margarita swirls and then did the same thing in white. Lime and straw were added next and lastly was the salt on the rim (the easiest and possibly my favorite part, except it was hard to not make it symmetrical!) I had to paint the triangles twice to get the color dark enough to cover the pink. I wasn’t sure I really wanted them in the painting but it looked pretty plain without it. 2nd to last detail was the colored dots, which really made the glass pop.


Last stop was to sign the masterpiece because who knows when I’ll become a famous painter and my original will be worth millions. Ok that might be a slight exaggeration, but I’m sure with more experience I could be much better at painting. This was a very fun and relaxing night! I enjoyed a couple glasses of wine and had a great creative outlet, even if I was just copying someone else’s idea. I would highly recommend this for anyone, artistic or not because it was very easy to follow along and fun to take home something you created!


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3 responses to “Chianti to Canvas

  1. Sharon

    February 3, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    How fun! love it ! thanks for sharing- I’ve always wanted to do that.

  2. Mom (other mom)

    February 7, 2012 at 6:47 AM

    Wow, Emily! Good job! I never knew you were an artist waiting to be unleashed :)

  3. Chianti to Canvas

    April 26, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    Your painting came out great, and we always love when our clients get creative and make their paintings unique. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you again in the future.

    -Chianti to Canvas –


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