God’s Plans

29 Jan

Last Sunday was a great example of my plan v. God’s plan.

Anyway, I got all set to go to body pump class in the afternoon, but when I walked outside it was just way too beautiful to go workout in a fluorescent lighted gym. I decided I would go to the library because I needed to pay my fine and then I could get a book to read outside for the rest of the afternoon. I mentioned to Ben that I would walk there, but it would be better if I could ride my bike. I could only do that if he fixed my flat tire, which he attempted but it just wasn’t working. So I grabbed my bag and turned on a sermon and set out for my two-mile one way walk to the library. It was beautiful outside. It was awesome to be leisurely walking along, listening to a message and just taking in the day.

When I got to the library, I learned that they do not take debit cards to pay fines, only check or cash, neither of which I had. This also meant that I would not be able to check out any books. The clerk said, “I guess it’s good it such a nice day since you walked here for nothing.” I was a little disappointed, but really she was right. What better way to spend an awesome day than getting some moderate exercise outdoors?

About two blocks from our house is a Family Dollar and in the parking lot was a guy in a running, older Camaro. I walked by, not looking at him or the car, and when I was almost past, he jumped out and said, “Do you know where San Pedro St is?” I did, and told him the easiest way to get there and then went on my way.

What does all this randomness have to do with God? Well I don’t know, other than I had a few different things planned today but things got switched up and I did something totally different. Through it all, I was able to be in God’s great creation and enjoy the day that HE had made. I was able to have joy in the little things and maybe even show a little of Christ to a random person. God knew I needed a day of rest and although I didn’t truly have a day of rest, I was filled with his peace and rest through my time outdoors.

Do you acknowledge God in the plans of your day, even when things don’t go as planned? How is God revealing himself to you today?

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