Workouts 1/14 – 1/20

25 Jan

This week started off well for workouts but then work got in the way and I was too tired to do ANYTHING! On Tuesday I left work in time to make it to bodypump, but decided I needed to rest for the week instead of making myself more tired. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too protective of getting tired and I rest too much. Well, it didn’t matter because I worked 10 hours a day for the next three days. Since I stand up all day at work, that counts for a little bit of a workout, right?

Saturday, January 14 –
PM: 5 minute walk
4.9 mile run in 46 min
10 min walk cool down
10 min foam roll
5 min yoga/stretch

Sunday, January 15 –
AM: 10 min walk
PM: 15 min stationary bike
60 min bodypump (instructor told us there were over 800 reps in the class!)

Monday, January 16 –
PM: Long Slow Run practice:
3 min walk warm up
4 miles in 46 minutes
5 min walk cool down
10 min foam roll,
5 min yoga

Tuesday, January 17th –
Noon: 25 minute walk

Wednesday, January 18th –
Noon: 25 minute walk

Thursday, January 19th – REST

Friday, January 20th – REST

Total Miles 8.9


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