Workouts 1/7 – 1/13

14 Jan

I know it’s really time to get in gear for my half marathon, but this week’s workouts were pretty hard to push out. I had good intentions of getting to body pump and running 4 miles 4 days of the week, but it just didn’t happen. Next week I will try harder!

Saturday, January 7th – Wedding Dance!!!
PM: 3 hours of dancing

Sunday, January 8th –
PM: 1 hour airport walking

Monday, January 9th – REST

Tuesday, January 10th –
Noon: 20 min walk
PM: 45 min run, 10 min walk

Wednesday, January 11th –
PM: at home weights workout
20 burpees
3 x 10 reps push ups
Bench press on fit ball
Tricep extension on fitball
Tricep bench press on fitball
Bicep curls
Back fly
Shoulder press
Shoulder rotation (arms out to side at 90º angles with forearm in line with ear, rotate down until parallel with floor, rotate up to start)
Bent row
calf raisers
2 x 15 abs
15 min yoga/stretch

Thursday, January 12th – REST

Friday, January 13th –
PM: 20 min run to track
400m repeats with 100 m walk rest (1:47, 1:56, 1:46, 1:45)
20 min run home
10 min foam roll

Total Miles: 9


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