Workouts 12/31 – 1/6

10 Jan

Well, I think I’m starting this new year out right by giving myself until the 2nd week of January to start working out. Mainly that is because I’m still tired from the holidays and I really try to let myself rest when I’m tired, because if I don’t rest, I’m sure to get sick or injured. In addition, we had a wonderful anniversary weekend out-of-town and I’m travelling this weekend, which naturally means exercising is optional (but really shouldn’t be!).

Saturday, December 31st –
AM: general housekeeping/packing/laundry for at least 2 hours

Sunday, January 1st –
Noon: 2 hours hiking at Enchanted Rock

Monday, January 2nd –
Noon: 3 hours wandering around the Fredericksburg downtown shops

Tuesday, January 3rd –
Noon: 20 min walk to get lunch and back to work

Wednesday, January 4th –
Noon: 30 min walk

Thursday, January 5th –
Noon: 30 min walk

Friday, January 6th –
AM: 30 min airport walking

Total Miles: 0

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