Merry Christmas

26 Dec

Merry Christmas!!

I finally have time to write a blog post! It seems that I haven’t written anything with real content since Thanksgiving! I would have posted this last night, on Christmas, but I fell asleep before I could finish writing. First off, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas celebration. We have had a pretty relaxing day, which started off with sleeping in because yesterday I was a crazy shopper and left the house at 5:45 AM to try to snag some good deals and didn’t go to bed until after midnight because we went to 11PM church.

Ben woke up around 10:30 and around 11 we were both hungry. A bowl of oatmeal was sounding good to me, but Ben had other ideas. (Picture courtesy of  

I’m not a big fan of business’s being open on holidays, especially Christmas and Easter which are days we should be focusing on God and spending time with our families. But, I have to say, our meal at IHOP really hit the spot and much to our surprise, there were a lot of other people who thought IHOP on Christmas was a good idea too. Ben ordered the White Chocolate Chip Mint pancakes with extra crispy hash browns and I had two plain pumpkin pancakes, two eggs over easy, two slices of ham and hash browns. Hm, might I have gone overboard?

 On to our next stop, the Palladium IMAX Theater, where we were also surprised at the number of people going to watch a movie. War Horse was our planned movie but the first showing was sold out. We got tickets for the later movie and sat down to play some Pac-Man. Ben is, of course, much better than myself and achieved a score of ~76,000 points which blew my ~12,000 completely out of the water. About 40 minutes before the movie was going to start, I suggested that we go find seats. Normally, this would be completely against my nature but given the number of people getting tickets, I thought it would be a good idea. It did turn out to be a good idea because about 1/3rd of the seats were already filled when we got there. I won’t give away anything about the movie, but I thought it was pretty good and would recommend it. I’m not sure that it’s a must-see in the theater, but there are some good “big screen” moments.  (Picture courtesy of

War Horse Poster

There was about an hour of daylight left when we got home from the movie, so I took advantage of that and the “warmer” temperatures to go for a run. My dad called about 20 minutes into the run, so I took a walk break while talking to him. I encountered about 20 people out walking or running and said, “Merry Christmas” to all of them. In addition, Santa Clause was talking on his cell phone in front of one of the houses, he had already lost his beard and hat, surely in anticipation of his tropical vacation. I mean, if I were Santa I know I’d be taking a tropical vacation after working in the North Pole for the last few months!  I passed a few homes with nice Christmas lights, but there weren’t too many houses that decorated all out. Next year, we will have to go to another part of town to see if they have more Christmas lights up.



For Christmas this year, we broke all previous traditions and began creating new traditions for just the two of us, since it is our first Christmas after being married. I had wanted to have Christmas for just the two of us from the beginning, but I didn’t want to stop any family celebrations that normally happened. Because my work is so busy at the end of the year, it worked out that we spent an early Christmas in Minnesota with my family and we’ll celebrate a late Christmas with some of Ben’s family in San Antonio. So far, our newlywed Christmas traditions are as follows: *make chili and cornbread for the weekend so we don’t have to cook, *11pm Christmas Eve church, *IHOP for Christmas day brunch, *Go to a movie on Christmas day, *put up Christmas decorations during and after Christmas(hopefully this will get done today), *”Merry Christmas” fun run on Christmas day (Emily only tradition)

What are your Christmas traditions? What new traditions did you add when you got married? How have your Christmas traditions changed over the years?


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