Workouts 12/3-12/9

10 Dec

Ok, the holiday season is kicking my eating butt, well actually the holiday season is probably adding to my butt. The goal for this week is to keep the workouts in high gear so my holiday eating spree doesn’t catch up to me! I also am trying to eat balanced meals during the week so if there are holiday parties, weddings, and eating out with friends and family on the weekends, I have a little cushion. Not the best perspective, but if working out hard is the way I can enjoy (a little too much) good food with good company, it’s totally worth it.

Saturday, December 3rd –
PM: wedding dance! woohoo…I got at least and hour and a half in
Later PM: birthday dancing! yep, I was home early enough that I could join some friends to go out dancing for at least another hour and a half. Plus, a good 20 minutes walking to and from the car.

Sunday, December 4th –
Afternoon: 5 hours of shopping….at least three hours of walking and two hours of standing, my feet feel like they got a workout even if I didn’t really break a sweat.

Monday, December 5th –
Noon; 30 minutes elliptical, 5 min cool down
5 min warm up, incline 10, resistance 5
1 min: incline 20, resistance 1
1 min: incline 19, resistance 2….until  you get to incline 11, resistance 10
3 min back pedal, incline 1, resistance 5
2 min back pedal, incline 1, resistance 7
1 min: incline 10, resistance 5
1 min: incline 9, resistance 5
1 min: incline 8, resistance 6….repeat until you get to incline 1, resistance 10

3 min back pedal cool down

Tuesday, December 6th –
Noon: 20 min run (from work to dr. appointment, the bank, Subway and back to work), 10 min walk, and the following exercises while I was waiting for the dr:
4 x 20 calf raises
3 x 15 squats
3 x 10 incline push-ups
3 x 15 bench dips

Wednesday, December 7th –
PM: 3 hrs of cleaning/housework/laundry

Thursday, December 8th –
Noon: 20 minutes stairmill, 15 min elliptical

Friday, December 9th – REST

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