Yay for turkey day

25 Nov

Its the day after thanksgiving and all my in-laws are preparing our thanksgiving meal at the ranch. We at celebrating today because some family went to the last UT v. A&M football game. I volunteered to bring dessert, so check out my turkey cupcakes.


They are the reason we did not leave out house until 3 hours after the planned departure time. Ok, they weren’t the only reason but it did take an hour to decorate them.
Today I am thankful for my new family, a.k.a. my in-laws. God had blessed me with awesome in-laws who are generous and caring and of course, a little crazy (about UT football). Yesterday, when we arrived at the ranch, Uncle Bull told me I could go ride horse was soon as I was ready. Ah! I said hi to everyone, changed clothes and went to the barn. I rode for about two hours and it was awesome. While I was riding I realized it had been since last year at this time since I had been on a horse.  Praise the Lord, I have really missed riding and it is just what I needed after a busy week at work.



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