Happy Halloween

01 Nov

I just wanted to give a quick summary of my Halloween and “show off” my newest baking creation. I spent most of Saturday baking and decorating my goodies and a little time making mine and Ben’s costumes. I had the great idea that I wanted to bake a pumpkin shaped cake. I had seen pictures online of people using two bundt cakes and decorating them.

Bottom Half

I had one box of Carrot Cake in the house, so I started with that for the first bundt cake. I used a low-calorie method of mixing one cup of applesauce and 1 cup of water with the mix and it created a very moist cake. The bottom layer cooked a little longer in the oven so I thought it would  hold the top up better without crumbling. I attempted to cut the top off the cake so the other layer would fit on straight, but it’s always harder than it looks.

Top Half

I then put the two pieces together and used chocolate frosting as my glue and also to fill in the gaps on the sides of the cake.

Filling the Gaps

It continues to amaze me how hard it is to make a pretty cake. All the shows on TV and even videos on YouTube make it look SO easy!

Starting to Look Like a Pumpkin

After I got this far, I put the cake in the freezer so the chocolate frosting would get hard. I also had to run to the store to get more frosting because I didn’t think one jar would be enough to cover essentially two cakes. When I got home I realized I had grabbed whipped frosting, which was different from the frosting I already had. Oh well, such is my life, so I mixed the two jars together and they turned out just fine. Making orange frosting was H-A-R-D! I must have a bad batch of food coloring or something because I couldn’t make red frosting one day and making the orange was near impossible. As you can see from the pictures, I achieved a nice light orange color due to the fact I ran out of food coloring but I really was going for the deep pumpkin orange.

Pumpkin Cake

I had some left over brownie bites that I stuffed into the hole in the middle to make the stem. I covered them with chocolate frosting, and I will say that turned out quite well.

Finished Cake

When I started frosting the cake, I wanted to follow the lines so you could see the edges of the bundt shape, but that was almost impossible for my limited skills. So I went with the less complicated route of just slapping the frosting on and trying to make it look nice. I took this cake to work because Ben does not like carrot cake. It won second place in our pumpkin decorating contest, even after it had a slight mis-hap where it got a little smushed in the box on the way to work. Oops!

Chocolate Cupcakes

I made a batch of 50+ mini chocolate cupcakes to take to our small group. The cake was mixed with applesauce and water, which seems like an odd combo with chocolate cake but turned out quite well. Last duty of the evening was to create our costumes. My department at work decided to dress up as different flavors of pop (soda or coke for you southerners). Since our small group was also having a Halloween party, I decided Ben could also be a can of pop, so we would match. He was less than enthused to dress up, but agreed. After a long Monday of work and class, we finally arrived at the Halloween party.

Pop Cans

Ben was still not enthused about wearing his costume so after we got our picture, he took it off. I, however, wore my Pepsi can costume almost all day at work and all night at the part. Mainly because I felt a little naked walking around in leggings without a long shirt to cover my butt!

What were you for Halloween?


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2 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. Sharon

    November 1, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    Love your cake!!!

  2. Auntie M

    November 6, 2011 at 8:39 PM

    The cake is great, but you and Ben “take the cake” in your pop cans! :)


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