Workouts 9/24-9/29

01 Oct

Oh wow, I totally forgot to start this post last weekend, so I hope I can remember what my workouts were in the last week. I didn’t do so hot on the weights but running is in full training mode. I decided I don’t care if my ankle hurts, I’m just going to run. I’ll wrap it, ice it, and take pain meds, but I am going to run the half marathon! AND I really want to run it and beat last year’s time, so that means there are no excuses for the next 6 weeks, I will run. My motto will be ‘Just Do It.’ Thanks Nike for the inspiration.

Saturday, September 24 REST DAY?? I really can’t remember what I did for exercise last Saturday…oops!

Sunday, September 25 –
AM: 10 min walk, 2 mile run on the Riverwalk, 10 min walk
15 min Stretch, foam roll & yoga

Monday, September 26 –
Noon: Weights
*60 seconds jumping jacks
*Single Leg Ball Squats 3×10 reps
*Decline push-ups 3×8 reps
*Single leg calf raisers 3×15 reps
*5lb Dumbell curls with resistance band 3×8 reps
*Single Leg Hamstring curls on ball 3×8 reps
*5/8/10 lb Overhead Tricep Extension 3×10 reps
*5lb Seated Shoulder Flys on Ball 3×10 reps
*Crunches on Ball 2×15 reps

Tuesday, September 27 –
Am: 10 min walk, 2 mile run, 5 min walk
15 min yoga, foam roll and stretch

Wednesday, September 28 –
PM: Park Workout at Olmos Basin Park
Run one fast lap (400 m or so?)
Pull-ups 3 regular, 3 jumping, 2 regular, 3 jumping
Run one fast lap
Single Leg Calf Bodyweight Raisers 3 x 15 reps
Decline push-ups 3×10 reps
Run one fast lap
Single Leg Bodyweight Squats 3×15 reps
Bench Dips 3×12 reps
Run on fast lap
Abs 2×15 reps

Thursday, September 28 – REST DAY

Friday, September 29 –
AM: 3 mile run, 5 min walk
10 min stretch, foam roll


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