Workouts 9/17-9/23

25 Sep

This week I’m trying to ease back into running and keep up on the weights workout. I am hoping the strength side will help heal the shin splint at the same time. I am also trying to ice my leg at least once a day as recommended by my PT friend. Sunday’s bike ride was up to Olmos Basin Park, to see if they have any unpaved trails because I am under the impression that if I run part of the time on pavement and part on dirt it’ll keep my legs happy.

Saturday, Sept 17 –  30 minutes weight workout, 15 min stretch, yoga & foam roll

Sunday, Sept 18 – 45 minute bike ride, 15 min stretch & foam roll

Monday, Sept 19 – REST DAY

Tuesday, Sept 20 – 45 minute walk noon

Wednesday, Sept 21 –
Noon: 35 minute walk

5pm: 45 minute walk, 10 minute run

Thursday, Sept 22 –
Noon: Weight workout
*Single Leg Calf raisers  3×20 reps
*Single Leg Ball Squats  3x8reps
*Single Leg Hamstring Curls on ball  3x6reps
*Decline push-ups  3x10reps
*Back Fly on Ball  3×10 reps with 5lbs
*Bicep Curls w/band 3x10reps with 5lbs
*Overhead Tricep Extension  3x10reps with 5lbs
*Dips on weight bench 3 x10reps

Friday, Sept 23 –
AM: 10 min walk
1 mile run, 5 min walk x 2
15 min yoga, foam roll & stretch 

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