Workouts 9/3 – 9/16

19 Sep

Well for the last two weeks I have done almost nothing in terms of workouts. My ankle/shin is still hurting and Thursday I finally bought new shoes, so hopefully I can start running a little again. Unfortunately, my PT friend said that I need to Ice and Rest my leg and not do anything that hurts it, which technically means running is out. I have to train a little for the race so I’m going to run some, try to ice regularly and do strength work-outs to build the muscles up too.

Monday, Sept 5 – Six mile bike ride to Guenther house (which was closed) on the Riverwalk. This included carrying my bike up and down some stairs and a little walking because we were on the old side of the Riverwalk.

Friday, Sept 9 – 45 minute run/walk, walking lunges, 30 pushups, 30 dips, abs, 10 min foam roll

Saturday, Sept 10 – 60 min walk

Sunday, Sept 10 – 30 minute walk, 30 incline push-ups, 30 dips, 10 min foam roll

Monday, Sept 12 – 40 minute walk

Tuesday, Sept 13 – 10 minutes running while trying out new shoes

Wednesday, Sept 14 – 25 minute run/walk, 20 minutes yoga, stretch & foam roll

Thursday, Sept 15 –  30 min Body Sculpt w/Gilad & abs

Friday, Sept 16 – 25 min run/walk ~2.5 miles

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