Shopping & Saving

05 Sep

This past week has been a fairly good shopping & saving week. I may have purchased things that were wants and not needs, but I saved money on them, so I think its ok. I finally got the Planter’s Creamy Peanut Butter from Wal-Mart. In addition, I purchased some almonds from Walgreens for BOGO free, plus coupons which made them 2/$1.50. I used some various coupons at HEB and saved a little, but nothing to write home about.

Friday shopping opened up a whole new world for me. I received an ad for La Michocana Meat Market, one of the Mexican grocery stores in town and noticed they had extremely cheap produce prices. I bought all of the items in the picture for less than $8 plus six bananas, cabbage, two Mexican popsicles and Ben’s Carmel Cake Roll treat are not pictured. Normally just the produce would have cost twice as much at HEB. They had a smaller selection of produce, but it’s totally worth the savings to go to two stores to get everything you need.

La Michocana Produce Savings

There were no coupons in the Sunday paper because it is a holiday weekend, BUT there were coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond and Michael’s. BBB is having their annual 50% off clearance and they mailed a 20% off coupon. I had been meaning to go and get a few things so I jumped at the chance for up to 70% off. I bought one set of pillow cases that match our sheets, so now we can have four pillows with the same color pillow cases. They were in deed 70% off. I will be going back to purchase a set of three cooling racks with another 20% off coupon. Ben asked me to get blue highlighters while I was out, so I stopped by Office Max and picked up the highlighters for BOGO 50% off. In addition, they had 25¢ Sharpies, so I bought 4 new markers (a little overboard, but for $1 you can’t go wrong!). all in all, I spend less than $7.

Office Max & BBB Savings

My last stop was Michael’s, to possibly buy a rotating cake stand. I tried to ice and decorate one cake without it and my novice skills were very apparent. Everything I read about these cake turntables convinced me that they made cake decorating much easier, so I figured I need one if I’m going to seriously attempt to make some cakes in the future. I had a coupon for 50% off of one item, and although I wanted to purchase the heavy-duty professional turntable, I decided that $35 after the 50% off was too much to spend. I opted for the cheaper version because it had good reviews online; I am a novice, this will be plenty good for what I will be doing. With the coupon, the turntable was $11.

Cake Decorating Turn Table

Last, but not least, in my searching for a kitchen cabinet/cupboard, I stumbled upon a pair of rollerblades at Goodwill. I had been looking for rollerblades since I lived in Galveston, and just never found any that fit or were a reasonable price. These were the hockey skate rollerblades, so they have a boot of a hockey skate and wheels. They were $6.38 total, I think because they are a boys size 4. Oh how I love having small feet! My first few rides may be pretty interesting because they do not have brakes, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Can you do a hockey stop on rollerblades?

Have you found any good shopping deals lately? What ways are you finding to save money in the tighter economy?

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