Workouts 8/13 – 8/19

21 Aug

This week’s workout is the ultimate cross-training and random activity work-out log. We spent the weekend in Dallas, and although I brought my running clothes, I wasn’t really in the mood to go running. I also have developed a very low shin splint on my left leg, so I don’t want to over do the running right now. I want to focus on strengthening and stretching and hopefully keep injury free. I start my half-marathon training in about a month and will run the 13.1 miles on November 13th.

Saturday, August 13
90 minutes walking
20 minutes basketball
20 minutes leisurely tennis

Sunday, August 14 – 30 minutes water exercises

Monday, August 15 – Rest

Tuesday, August 16
AM: Run 20 minutes, walk 5 minutes

Noon: Arms
On Stability Ball:
Seated Shoulder Press 3x15reps 5#
90° Tricep Pull 3x10reps 8#
Seated Side Raise 3×10 reps 5#
Tricep Extension 3x10reps 8#
One Arm Chest Fly 3x10reps 5#
Decline Push-Ups 3×5 reps
Bicep Curls palms up 3x20reps 8#
Bicep Curls palms down 3x20reps 8#,
Bicep Curls thumbs out 3x20reps 8#
Lying 90°Rotating lift(Lie on side, hold weight in hand, arm bent at 90°angle, forearm parallel to floor, keep elbow at side, rotate arm until perpendicular to floor, lower to starting position)  – 3x10reps 5#
Abs: 100 reps total various exercises

Wednesday, August 17Noon: Swim

1 lap each: breaststroke, backstroke, right side stroke, left side stroke, freestyle, backstroke – kicking only

Thursday, August 18Noon: Arms & 10 min Swim

On Stability Ball:
Seated Shoulder Press 3x15reps 5#
90° Tricep Pull 3x15reps 5#
Seated Side Raise 3×10 reps 5#
Tricep Extension 3x10reps 5#
One Arm Chest Fly 3x10reps 5#
Bicep Curls palms up 1x20reps 5#
Bicep Curls palms down 1x20reps 5#
Bicep Curls thumbs out 1x20reps 5#

1 lap each: Freestyle kick only, Backward kick only, breaststroke kick only, right side stroke kick only(1/2 lap), left side stroke kick only (1/2 lap), Freestyle kick only, all done with kickboard and normal backstroke arms & legs.

Friday, August 19
AM: Walk/Run 26 minutes
3 min walk warm up
9:50 mile
9:40 mile
3 min cool down

Noon: 20 minute Crossfit-ish workout
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Ball Squats
50 Push-Ups(25 decline, 25 reg)
50 Sit-ups
50 12″ Box Jumps
50 Walking Lunges
50 Jumping Jacks – 20 minutes

PM: 60 min walk, 20 min yoga

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