Insecurities or Self-Consciousness?

10 May

I have been walking at work over my lunch hour, maybe two or three days a week. I usually eat for a half hour or so and then walk for a half hour. I need fresh air and sun to keep me going! Well, up until the last few weeks, it has been fine to go walking in my work clothes. It’s usually sunny and 70-80, so I don’t get too hot. Keep in mind, in Texas buildings are kept below 60 degrees at all times, so the first 20 minutes of my walk I am still un-thawing! But the last few weeks its been 85+ so I decided I needed to bring work-out clothes to change into before walking.

Today was the first day of changing and I almost couldn’t walk out of the bathroom because I was so self-conscious! I’m usually not like that and usually don’t care what people think of me…but not today. I guess it was just the realization that I am the ONLY person who exercises at lunch and of course I’d be the ONLY person in workout clothes (t-shirt and shorts, nothing revealing). Well, I did walk out of the bathroom after a few minutes of self-encouragement (things like, “you’re setting a good example” “it’s not worth sitting inside to avoid possible comments/questions”) and went for a nice 40 minute walk. After about two minutes I was over these feelings, until I had to walk back into the building.

I suppose its one of those things that I just need to keep doing and after a while it won’t feel odd anymore. Of course in about a month, it may be 100+ at my lunch time and then I might have to start going to the gym so I can shower if I get too warm. Either way, I’m trying to be active at lunch, because it gets real old sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day…and then sitting on the couch when I get home.


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