Attempting to “coupon”

04 May

Ever since I watched the show on TLC “Extreme Couponing” I have been incredibly intrigued as to how these people save so much money. Literally, the one woman paid $6 for $600 worth of groceries. Do that twice and Ben and I will have enough food for a year AND enough money for one and half trips (home to MN or elsewhere). So, I’m trying. I bought the Sunday paper, I cut out ALL the coupons I thought I might use and then looked at all the ads to try and figure out where I could save the most. This took several hours on Sunday, sitting on the couch cutting and researching while Ben was watching basketball. I went shopping Monday and saved $15 on $65 worth of groceries, pretty good for a novice and I learned a couple things. 

1) HEB doesn’t give you double coupons, only one coupon per item. So having a $0.75 in-store coupon and $1.50 manufacturers coupon for the same thing only equals $1.50 off. 2) You have to buy exactly what is on the coupon to get the savings. In my case, DiGorno(spelling?) thin crust pizza is not the same as Stuffed crust. 3) I have yet to prove this, but I’m thinking that having coupons and saving money is only good if you are buying things you would normally buy. Case in point, the DiGorno pizza. I have never bought frozen pizza since I moved to San Antonio. Its not something Ben or I really eat. But the in-store coupon was buy the pizza and get Nestle ice cream for free and then take $1.00 off the Pizza. So I ended up saving $4 on the two, but probably wasn’t going to buy either in the first place.


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