I am a follower

02 May

I am a follower in many senses of the word. The biggest thing I follow is my faith in God. It took me a while to decide to follow him but when I did I followed Him to Galveston, TX where I met my husband, Ben.

I followed Ben to San Antonio. Due to the fact that I am living so far from my family, I have been keeping up with them by media. I’d like to say I called people more, but there are only so many hour-long conversations I can have in a week. It seems like it always takes an hour to catch up on someone’s life.

I’ve been following Jesse’s blog, Katie’s blog, sometimes the EFCA blog and now Danica’s blog (which was the catalyst to me finally starting my own blog, thanks!). I’d been thinking about starting one since 2009 but haven’t because I figure I would communicate even less with people because they could just read my blog. I decided today that doesn’t have to be true. I think I’ll use this for my random thoughts and all the little things that just run across my mind. So if you’re hoping to keep up with me (and Ben) for day to day life, this probably won’t be it.


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